Train the Manager to Train & Faciliate

Strengthening Inner Resilience

Train the Manager to Train & Facilitate 

What the programme offers:

This session your managers wisdom will be able to effectively be passed on to the whole team, in an interactive and enjoyable session. Gaining buy in from their team and even a growing excitement for when’s the next training session.

They will leave with:

  • A 60 minutes training session written and practiced 
  • A bank of ice breakers
  • Techniques for overcoming nerves
  • A clear sense of your own style of training and facilitating
  • Confidence in bringing your own personality 
  • An understanding of how to gain audience participation
  • A flow of a session 
  • Self belief
  • How to stand and move confidently 
  • Interactive style exercises
  • When and how to use visual aids
  • Reading your audience
  • Managing time
  • Control over fears
  • Planning the whole session part by part
  • How to create handouts
  • How to create working material/manuals
  • How to gain followup
  • How to measure the success of the session
  • Having a great opening and closing
  • Keeping your participants captivated, interested and included
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  • Staff feel valued
  • Save on external fees
  • Accountability and Ownership
  • Heightened confidence 
  • Team connection/collaboration
  • Commitment & Confidence
  • Drive & Determination
  • Self worth
  • Ambition
  • Focused contribution
  • Belief
  • Responsibility
  • Staff retention