Not only do I teach empowerment, but I live and breathe these teachings in every area of my life.

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’d like to share a little of my own story with you.

Following on from a very successful career in hospitality, my life changed forever when I was asked “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” In that moment, I knew my lifestyle wasn’t creating the person I’d hoped I would be.

I have invested heavily over the years in my own personal development, becoming a Fire Walk Instructor, a Master Practitioner in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as life coaching, business coaching and being a licenced DiSC profiler.

Phew, that’s an awful lot but do you know what? Whilst I have all the qualifications, and have been trained by the best in the world, there is nothing that brings me more joy than helping other people.

I enrich my life with experiences as much as I can, which has included everything from helping to build houses and communities in Nepal to climbing Kilimanjaro. Even my hobbies include taking friends on a hike over the 3 peaks on a regular basis!

When I do have ‘down-time’ I can be found walking my 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers, Maisie & Lexi, along the riverbanks close to where I live.