10 Inspirational Tips for Success

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10 Inspirational Tips for Success

Did you set goals at the start of this year? Have you revisited them recently? How are you performing against your intentions? 

Here’s my top tips to keep you motivated and focused on the year ahead.

  1. Think of something you’d love to achieve that when you achieve it – it will blow your mind.
  2.  Now take a moment and become aware of all the reasons this dream is great for you and your life.
  3. Take a moment to imagine you are celebrating the success of your dream. Visualise it as though it happening right now. Make it real.
  4. Really connect into what you are feeling, thinking, sharing, what are people saying to you.
  5. Make a list of people who inspire you and the reasons why they inspire you.
  6. Create a dream board of all the dreams you have set as goals, show your feelings, as-well as your celebrations. Hang this board somewhere that you can see regularly.
  7. Enhance your wellbeing so it can support you through working towards and achieving your dreams.
  8. Pick a Mentor…………….be clear of the role you would like this mentor to fulfil, frequency of meeting, style of meetings, feedback.
  9. Now draw a time line of your year – like a road with signs on ………………the beginning of the road marking now and the  end being New years eve, then write on the sign posts your land mark achievements and the date.
  10. Take one action right NOW that begins your journey.

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