5 Tips To Enhance Your Business Success

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5 Tips To Enhance Your Business Success

It is easy to think in the climate we are in that we have to do something “different and complex” what if the something “different” is to simply do what you do brilliantly, consistently, 100% of the time.

Lead generation

(Cold calling – the very sound of it is enough to send chills down your spine and in-fact does, when you have many happy customers there’s no need to chase faceless companies……..why not simply contact “new friends”)

You will have many very happy customers …… by simply asking each of your customers “if you are delighted with our products and services, do you know anyone you do business with who you think we could help too”. Being given a name and number is not really enough; your objective is to ask your client to speak to their contact in advance of your call so they are welcoming your communication.

The telephone call

(Keep in your mind that your aim is to help their business become “even more” profitable and you would love to help them)

Do not sell your product or service in your telephone call – you are only selling the appointment.  Be clear “what’s in it” for your new client when you call, i.e., enhanced profit through ……………? Offer 2 dates for “your new client” to choose from, and then they’re not deciding whether to see you but when. Once the appointment is secured confirm it in writing with a brief agenda.

The appointment

(You are information gathering to ensure you truly can help and if you can’t, that’s ok and you may know someone who can, you may even earn at the very least an “introducers fee”)

Alter your mindset from a “sales appointment” to a “solution provider” to increase your new clients’ profits. You are matching solutions to needs.

Avoid tell and sell, hoping that they want something from your “standard script”, remember your objective is to leave knowing so much more about your new client, not them knowing so much about you. Only when you are clear on their needs can you accurately support their business. Ask open questions; understand where the pain is in their business, become clear on what the consequences are if that situation continues without a great solution. Once you have heard their challenges, give them a taste of some of the solutions you have and test out whether they are something they are interested in.  Avoid presenting all your solutions there and then, “curing” their “pain” takes great consideration and research into the absolute very best solutions, so go back with a proposal and timelines.

Remember as a supplier you are supporting the success of their business! NOT SELLING

The Proposal/proposition

(My clients who went from mailing proposals to presenting in person converted 4 times more business. I don’t  “sell” I “allow people to buy”. It takes the pressure off everyone and allows rapport to strengthen and trust to grow)

Always present your new proposal in person in a follow-up appointment, not email or post. Being there enables you to fully appreciate you have understood your new clients needs and be able to overcome any of their objections with truths and evidence.


Do what you say you’re going to do, do it well and do it consistently. Sell a mini as a mini not a Rolls Royce. Under promise and over deliver.

“If you were to do just one of the above tips what difference would it make to your business? Good luck and I would love to hear about your success”