Aligning intentions with business goals

Business Goals

Aligning intentions with business goals

In the last 2 posts we’ve looked at what intentions are, and 3 vital steps you need to take to set them.

In this post we’ll look at how to align your intentions with your business goals.

A goal is the end result, an intention is the journey that gets you there.

Let’s get straight down to basics. Say you have a financial goal for your team and the business.

Your intention to achieve this could focus on supporting your sales team by providing them with quality training. This, in turn, could result in additional business through your team feeling motivated and prepared. Take a moment to think about that.

What would that feel like for you? For your team? Play the movie in your mind that shows you all sat in every monthly meeting, with the sales team buzzing with enthusiasm whilst you deliver the results every month.

Now go one step further and visualise all of you sat at the end of year conference. The ‘Sales Team of the Year’ trophy is about to be announced, and there you all are, dressed in your finery and suddenly your names are called out and you’re all invited onto the stage to collect your prize. How does that feel? What emotions are you experiencing? How does the team react?

Pretty amazing right?

It’s important that you don’t keep that intention to yourself. Revisit it each meeting to ensure it’s kept front and centre of everyone’s mind throughout the year.

Use this method to align each of your goals with an intention and see how far it can take you. I know this works, I have worked with teams within a wide range of industries, helping them do just that.

One experience that has always stayed with me was back in 2008. That, potentially, dreadful year when the recession hit. I was working with a hotel group, specifically with their Sales Director and we made a decision that the recession was not going to affect the staff or guests at the hotel. We set this as team intention and revisited it at all of the monthly team meetings.

Staff, internal and external were encouraged to welcome guests with a ‘thank you – we’re glad you’re here’ and they focused on serving them in every way they could.

By holding the intention of creating a positive atmosphere and providing quality service to existing guests, business didn’t drop off – it increased!

Repeat business was up, new business had retained and the hotel finished the year without having to make any layoffs, reduced hours or freezing wages.

Many other, smaller hotels fell by the wayside during that time – not this one. That’s the power of intentions.

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