Do’s and Don’ts for Changing Your Career

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Do’s and Don’ts for Changing Your Career

WHEN changing jobs, it is usually because we want to get out of the one we’re in. Today, employers are keener than ever to recruit attitude over skill and desire candidates who are ambitious for their company.



• Brainstorm all the things you love about your current role (people interaction, seeing results, friendly people, own space) and write these down.

• Often people have a lot of self doubt when they are just about to change roles, so in advance of this, write an exhaustive list of all of your successes, testimonials, complimentary letters and appraisals.

• At interview, speak on their agenda; what you can do for them. Always think of how the work you do can increase profitability, it’s not just sales people who can affect profit.

• Write a compelling CV: just one page and tailor it to the company you are interested in. Miss outGCSE results and schools, put hobbies which reflect your personality.


• Don’t go for the job you think will impress others.

• Don’t get hung up over job titles.

• Don’t think that companies only have jobs for the positions which are being advertised… sometimes they don’t know they need you until they recognise the value you can to their business.

• Don’t only consider the jobs you think are available – decide who you want to work for and approach them in a manner which is congruent with that market place, for example a design agency would potentially look twice at a very creative approach from a candidate.

• Don’t allow other people’s limiting beliefs or the fear of disappointment hold you back.

Remember: where there is success there sometimes comes failure, and if you’ve never failed then you’ve not tried hard enough.

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