Forget Blue Monday

blue monday

Forget Blue Monday

Blue Monday? No! Have the most incredible 12 months you’ve ever had in your business and live the life that others dream of by setting your intentions and moving beyond the ordinary!

How many times have you started the New Year (or ended the previous year) with ‘Next year will be different’ only to reach the end of it and realise that you’ve lived the same year twice? 

  • Business goals not acheived
  • Gym membership wasted
  • Diet ended 3rd January
  • Work/Life balance – still don’t know what that is
  • Missed birthdays, anniversaries, dinner dates….again

OK, it’s time to stop. Stop making excuses, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I ran out of time’, ‘there’s not enough hours in the day.’

These are limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

They are the ‘chimp’ side of your brain that pops up when your willpower is low, your mind is fuddled with too many ‘to-do’s’ and you have no real clarity about moving forward. In other words, you’re not in control. You’re not actively setting your intentions and telling your ‘chimp’ how to behave.

Replace the word ‘chimp’ with intention. An intention is a determination to act in a certain way; a clear and positive statement of an outcome that you want to experience.

An intention is a vision that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes and choices. Your intentions influence your actual experiences.

You can set an intention in any area of your life – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Although intentions start with a mental picture of your goal, intentions require focus, action and positive energy to manifest.

Our life always expresses the result of our most dominant thoughts

I invite you to think about that for a moment. If you always carry negative thoughts, see the negatives in situations and negativity in outcomes then what are you going to manifest? More negativity.

Switch it round and purposely use only positive thoughts in a given situation, would the outcome be the same? No, because you will have chosen your thoughts well, and since thoughts come before every action, and action determines results you will achieve the desired, positive outcome.

Imagine if you could do that for a whole year? Or if that’s too much, why not just try it for a month? You’ll soon find that your mind automatically switches the negative to the positive.

In the next 2 articles we’re going to take a closer look at how set intentions, 3 vital steps you must take, and how to align your intentions with your business goals.

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