How to recruit salespeople (+ free checklist)

How to recruit salespeople (+ free checklist)

How to recruit salespeople in your business can be a tough challenge.

In my view, it should be an ongoing process. The hardest part of recruiting sales talent is just that,  finding the right talent. Of course, the BEST salespeople almost invariably already have a great job, so how you present your company – from your branding to your values is paramount in attracting the right talent.

Having a clear, sustained and long term strategy is key.

Here I have highlighted some of the most important aspects of how to recruit salespeople with these sales recruiting tips. You can use this before / after or even during the interview process.

  1. What is the personality profile of the market?
  2. What personality profile will get results from this target market?
  3. Does the candidates CV have selling adjectives included?
  4. Does the CV speak of results or methods?
  5. What interview style will help the candidate represent themselves accurately? Think about group activities, role play, presentations, on the spot scenarios. Behaviour profiling can prove extremely useful.
  6. Has the candidate researched YOU and know your communication needs?
  7. Is the candidate selling themselves or asking questions to position their ability with evidence of results? Presenting facts and figures?
  8. Are the candidates values aligned with your customers values, your team values and the business values?
  9. Does the candidate have an attitude for GROWTH?
  10. Does your candidate have the courage to DREAM BIG?
  11. Notice your candidates eyes, access the cues to discover how truthful they are being with you, or are they just saying what you want to hear?
  12. Is your candidate treating the interview like a sales appointment?
  13. Does your candidate follow up with you? If so, how?
  14. Do they negotiate the package you are offering them? If so, how?
  15. Throughout the the whole interview process, the candidate is still demonstrating their sales ability. From their pre-approach, to how they handle the invitation to interview, how they sit in reception – right down to closing questions, the final handshake and how they follow up for the job.

There’s much more to the recruitment process obviously, and we’ll be following up this post with other critical aspects of recruiting the right sales people.

You can download the full checklist here >> Sales Team Recruitment Checklist (no sign up required)

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