Spring Clean Your Self Doubt

Spring Clean Your Self Doubt

Spring cleaning tips for your mind

National Spring Cleaning week is upon us. Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer but how often do we spring clean our minds, thoughts and habits?

It’s true, our kitchen cupboards get more attention than our mind. We unblock our oil filter in our car more often than we unblock our self doubt. We are more likely to take medication than look at our perspective, and worse of all we are more likely to shrink or even delete our dreams and hopes than to develop ourselves.

Stop the self doubt, the self criticism, the self limitations and step into true SELF EMPOWERMENT and have Confidence in your vision.

Do you really want to achieve more sales, higher profile clients, win awards? It’s time to get under the bonnet.

Self doubt is reported to be in 70% of people but in my research and experience it’s actually more like in 100% of us….phew we are all normal. Because you’re reading this I know that normal wasn’t your goal or target.

So I know some people may say or worse still think;

“Come on, is self doubt that big of deal?”
“Isn’t that more pink and fluffy talk?”
“What harm can some self doubt really do? It’s not actually a physical barrier?”
My team are competent! They do ok! They work well…….”

If you are one of those conscientious employers that do invest in your sales teams training ……it could be money down the drain if they have self doubt – it will devourer their hopes, dreams and RESULTS! 

So let me be your coach here for one moment. Are these statements good enough for your career record? Yes, everyone has a career record…like a police file…that we reflect over and so do other companies….is “good” what you’re hoping for “on record” or were you secretly aiming for “INCREDIBLE”?

Now is the time to spring clean your target and get really aligned with your aim.

Here’s some facts about self doubt in sales teams

  1. A person will never ever ever tell you or anyone that they doubt themselves for fear of losing their jobs.
  2. Self doubt eats away like a disease at self confidence and belief.
  3. Self doubt diminishes motivation.
  4. Self doubt needs company so can spread from one to person to another.
  5. Self doubt looks for excuses and spends more time plotting an exit route.
  6. Self doubt can be destructive to new ideas and solutions.
  7. Self doubt creates depression.
  8. Self doubt cannot be cured by a “pep talk”
  9. Self doubt costs companies PROFIT.
  10. Self doubt needs powerful and dynamic attention to be eradicated.

Here’s a classic example of how self doubt can impact your everyday life.

You might notice the oil light go on in the car and you think, “I’ll get around to that.”
Then the water light goes on and you think “I’ll do the water and oil at the same time…just not now.”
The air tyre pressure light goes on….and “I’ll do that when I do the oil, the water and I’ll wash the car at that same time too.”
Meanwhile each time you get in the car you feel a bit ‘huh’ and you’ve got used to the sluggishness of the drive, the tyres being soft. No water for the windscreens and the constant stress that the engine could seize but there isn’t the time now or the energy to do all those jobs so they just get ignored and the silent stress builds, your motivation goes and every journey feels a slog and eventually you resent the car.

SOUND familiar? Now you know how to rectify all those points but limiting thoughts creep in….

  1. Not enough time.
  2. I’ll wait.
  3. Loss of confidence – I hope this doesn’t break down.
  4. I’m too tired.
  5. There’s too much to be done.
  6. I’m not a mechanic.
  7. Maybe I’ll just do the most urgent job and leave the others for later.

You might already have put your sales team through sales training or had a motivational speaker ……but true self doubt transformation doesn’t take place by listening to someone inspiring or learning a new closing technique…it comes from physically stepping through those barriers in our mind.

So what is it we have self doubt over? Can another sales training course rectify your self doubt epidemic?Can a motivational speaker help?

How can I recognise if I or any member of my team have self doubt?

Here are 3 signs of self doubt;

  1. You have changed the date of a goal to further into the future.
  2. You have slightly amended your goal into something a little bit more “realistic”.
  3. You are thinking of some of the reasons why you might not be able to achieve it.

The time is now to concentrate on how you think – self doubt is the terrorist in our minds …lets get control back and claim back grey matter territory for dynamic progress and exhilarating results.

What are the real consequences of undiagnosed self doubt in any sales team?

  1. Daren’t ask for the business, closing a sale becomes fearful.
  2. They don’t ask for ambitious price increases.
  3. They don’t push for volume.
  4. Your team are order takers.
  5. Your customers don’t get the service that proves your company cares.
  6. Your customers go elsewhere.

Here are 3 prescriptions 

  1. Ask your team individually for one MAHOOSIVE goal they’d love to achieve in this next quarter, this goal must be big enough that it scares your team member, but excites them too.
  2. Ask them to visualise the goal in its success…every tiny detail….
  3. Ask them what do they know to be true about themselves that means they are capable of this too.

Let’s turn your sales team into athletes where their eyes are solely on GOLD!

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I specialise in taking self doubt, self criticism, imposter syndrome and self sabotage to TRUE SELF EMPOWERMENT in one day ……. Where your team will feel unstoppable and are magnet to high performance and RIDICULOUS RESULTS.