Should Sales People ‘Think Like An Athlete’?

Think like an athlete

Should Sales People ‘Think Like An Athlete’?

If you work in sales or manage a sales team, you may have come across the term ‘Think like an athlete’

This article explains exactly what ‘think like an athlete’ means, why it is vital to the outcome of your sales appointments, and how you can implement a Simple ‘3-Step Athlete Thinking Method’ into your business to attract more buyers, customers, and clients FAST!


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First of all, let me ask you a question. How much time do you put into your psychological preparation for your sales appointments? You’ve been through the training, you have all the skills and ability you need, but what about your mind? How much time so spend mentally preparing yourself for that time in front of your potential new customer?

Do you think that every time Usain Bolt takes to the track he relies solely on his training to get him to be first across the finish line? Now, I haven’t met Usain Bolt but I’m pretty certain that he puts as much effort into preparing his mind for success as he does his body!

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So how can you achieve Usain Bolt like greatness? The answer is relatively simple but does take some practice.


Imagine yourself in the success of the sale. Create a movie in your mind where you’re shaking hands with the buyer, you’re sharing the news with your team, know exactly what you’re wearing, what you sound like, how you feel – what difference will this make to you personally, and to your career? For a few minutes live and breathe those feelings. Be crystal clear, specific and align yourself powerfully with this image.

Before you head into the appointment, put yourself back  in that place. It will make such a massive a difference to how you deliver your pitch, how you interact with the customer.

What you are doing here is strengthening your mind for success. If you walk into the appointment with the mindset of “I’ll see how it goes…”, whose terms are you surrendering to? Not yours – the customer now has the power.

3 Step Athlete Thinking Method

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