Watch the Rebar Bend with Edward Bracken

Watch the Rebar Bend with Edward Bracken

If you watched The Arrow Break and thought that was amazing, just wait until you see this Rebar Bend with Edward Bracken!

Edward Bracken, General Manager at The Crowne Plaza, Kensington stepped forward and managed to bend a 10mm think, reinforcement rebar with just his throat!

This was part of an Empowerment Workshop that I hosted for Edward and his team at their hotel. Over the 2 days, 100 members of the team each went on their own self empowerment journey, which culminated in renewed or new found self confidence, removing their engrained self doubt internal dialogue (I’m not good enough, I can’t do that) and took steps to create a powerful mind for success.

If you watch closely you can see the reaction of the team around him! It didn’t stop any one of them from stepping through their fear on the day.

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