Strengthening Inner Resilience

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What the programme offers:

Clarity over your own personality/behaviour profile

Insights into each other personality/behaviour profile

Understand how you react under pressure

Develop adaptive communication styles in order to have a fluid communication style with other team members

Be able to communicate with your colleagues in a way that motivates them

Appreciate the strengths, stressors, motivators, fears & challenges each team member experiences.

Understand how to stop communicating in an way that accidently triggers their fears.

Knowing communicate in a skillway that acheives motivated responses.

Awareness of how to identify people outside the teams bahviour profile and confidently adapt your style to be understood clearly and enhances cross team relationships.

Builds rapport quicker and deeper.

Create a action plan that supports your learning and enahnces your ongoing relationshisp and team building.



Skillful relationships
Less conflict
Team engagement
Fullfilled team