Video series: Get Set to Succeed

asking for businessGet Set to Succeed is all about the all-important preparation and mindset for success

Within this taster programme I share with you some key insights into enhancing, not only your performance, but importantly your outcomes in sales.

Series I:Sales

Video 14: ‘Asking for the business’ How do you let your client know just how much you’d love to work with them?

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“Lisa is an inspiration.” Janet Jones – The Happiness Millionaire Mentor

Inspiring Excellence in Sales

Building into a compelling and comprehensive series of sales top tips, by following my guides we’re just scratching the surface of delivering some great results and you’ll see the difference!

“Lisa can show you that anything is possible it’s all down to how you choose to think… my mindset was turned on its head.” Wendy Smith

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“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  Alexander Graham Bell

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