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Ignite Your Inner Fire Workbook

Coaching is a powerful way of helping you unlock, unblock and accelerate your mind into empowered flow.

Perhaps you like to work at your own pace and feel you don’t need to have in person coaching programme at this point. Then this workbook is a great option. I have written it in my own tone of voice and as though we are together. It has proven to really unlock peoples minds of what’s really in there and then move them into powerful action, feeling motivated and inspired for their goals. I take the 5 principles to walk over red hot coals to achieving your goals in life … because there’s no doubt about it, that achieving our goals can feel as though we are walking over the metaphorical fire.

At £97 it’s a really inexpensive way of getting to the heart of what matters to you and then achieving it.

Now is the time to challenge and develop yourself and I believe this programme is the best distanced development out there. Claire Tiffney

“Re-Ignite Your Fire”

5 POWER steps for your success

Takes you through a workbook of the 5 POWER steps for your success, you define what success is for your life, whether it’s in your personal life or professional life. This workbook has exercises within to support you, gaining the clarity required for your goals, outcomes or experiences that you value. Helps you understand the purpose of your goals for you, aligns your beliefs to enable you to feel unstoppable towards them and your commitment in a way that you feel driven and motivated. Resulting in you living your life filled with the successes you value. You can apply the 5 power step process in the future and enjoy your ideas and plans becoming a reality!

People gain clarity, empowerment and success

HR Consultant, Employee Support, SDI Master Facilitator, Soft Skills Trainer & Charity Trustee 

I’ve just had the joy of completing Lisa’s “Re-ignite Your Fire – The 5 P.O.W.E.R Steps to Your Success” Programme. I sometimes have my reservations about distanced programmes, but Lisa’s book places you in the mindset for success and works with you to identify and visualise your BIG GOAL. Many programmes leave it there, but not Lisa. The programme looks at self-limiting beliefs, what might get in the way, what sacrifices may you need to make to achieve your goal. This all makes goal achievement and success feel more real and achievable. Now is the time to challenge and develop yourself and I believe this programme is the best distanced development out there.

Here are some of the reason people work with me.

  • Setting up their own business
  • Working towards a promotion
  • No direction in their life
  • Feel stuck
  • Want more from their life
  • Be more effective at work
  • Just been promoted
  • Need more self belief
  • Have an idea but not taken any actioned yet
  • Feeling frustrated
  • Feeling exhausted and stressed
  • Feeling out of control
  • Life is passing them by
  • Ready for personal growth & development
  • Create more fulfilling relationships
  • Get on better with their boss
  • Be a more effective team leader

My credentials

I have now been coaching since 2004, I trained with The Coaching Academy, I also trained with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandhler as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. I qualified with Academy of High Achievers in DiSC Profiling as-well as Sundoor as Instructor of Instructors for Leadership & Empowerment Trainers and Firewalking Instructors. I am now living my life purpose helping people just like you find yours and unapologetically live it.