* Personal Profiling

A crucial tool for sales people in relationship building and developing rapport

“People buy People” is a phrase that is familiar to us all, but just what is it that aligns you more with some people than others? In a sales environment this is crucial for relationship building and developing rapport.

Behaviour profiling takes the guesswork and risk out of relationship building by using science and expertise to build STRONG, PROFITABLE, LASTING and TRUSTING business relationships.

DISC is a very empowering and powerful tool to firstly understand yourself, your behaviour profile and how you respond to other profiles. You will also then be able to identify your customers profile and their buying styles enabling you to negotiate, whilst meeting their profile needs.

The one day training includes
  • Purpose
  • Motivation
  • Value of the days outcomes
  • Learn and understand the Disc Model
  • Identifying your own profile on the Model
  • Clarity of how each of the profiles see each other
  • Common misconceptions – the dangerous ground
  • Understanding your customers profile from the Model
  • View your own behaviour profile
  • Creating an assessment of for key business relationships
  • Developing a communication style plan for effective customer buy-in
Business Outcomes

In a sales environment, DISC profiling can be an invaluable tool for yourself but also for the wider team. It can lead to new conversations, act as a springboard for team building and helps you to understand the difference in personality traits.

Long term results can be;

  • Increased sales
  • Create longer term customer relationships
  • Team cohesion
  • Easier access to new relationships
  • More productive and efficient business transactions
  • Faster results
Personal Outcomes

The profile results have a personal impact as well. The easy to understand results empower you with your behavioural styles and insights, allowing you to play to your strengths and use that knowledge in every area of your life.

Immediate effects you will experience;

  • Increased confidence & self belief
  • Eliminate Self doubt
  • Understanding of relationships
  • Better quality relationships
  • Greater clarity & focus
  • Cohesion throughout every area of your life

The day is highly interactive, effective, fun and engaging – full of light bulb moments.  After all, who doesn’t love feeling confident in themselves and more excited about building dynamic business relationships,  internally and externally?

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