Strengthening Inner Resilience

Powerful Team Work

What the programme offers:

This session will support your team to work more cohesively together. Teamwork relies on members playing to their strengths, appreciating and respecting their colleagues strengths, including their differences. A great team has a blend of strengths and they are recognised by the whole team then you have cohesion.

What the programme offers:

  • Clarity over your own personality/behaviour profile
  • Insights into each other personality/behaviour profile
  • Understand how you react under pressure
  • Develop adaptive communication styles in order to have a fluid communication style with other team members
  • Be able to communicate with your colleagues in a way that motivates them
  • Appreciate the strengths, stressors, motivators, fears & challenges each team member experiences.
  • Understand how to stop communicating in a way that accidentally triggers their fears.
  • Knowing how communicate in a skilful way that achieves motivated responses.
  • Awareness of how to identify people outside the teams behaviour profile and confidently adapting your style to be understood clearly and enhances cross team relationships.
  • Builds rapport quicker and deeper.
  • Create an action plan that supports your learning and enhances your ongoing relationship and team building.



  • Motivation
  • Skilful relationships
  • Less conflict
  • Team engagement
  • Fulfilled team