Self coaching programmes

The Re-ignite Programmes

Coaching is a powerful way of helping you unlock, unblock and accelerate your mind into empowered flow.

Coaching workbooks that really unlock your true hearts desires.↓

“Re-Ignite Your Fire”

5 POWER steps for your success

Takes you through a workbook of the 5 POWER steps for your success, you define what success is for your life, whether it’s in your personal life or professional life. This workbook has exercises within to support you, gaining the clarity required for your goals, outcomes or experiences that you value. Helps you understand the purpose of your goals for you, aligns your beliefs to enable you to feel unstoppable towards them and your commitment in a way that you feel driven and motivated. Resulting in you living your life filled with the successes you value. You can apply the 5 power step process in the future and enjoy your ideas and plans becoming a reality!

“Re-Ignite Your Empowerment”

The ultimate empowerment programme

This is designed to support you to have “Total belief to be Yourself”, it is an in-depth self empowerment coaching programme with 21 themed sessions which take you on a journey of self discovery like never before. Filled with action packed coaching & practical exercises for you to complete with a personal video from me to kick off each session. The 21 sessions cover the most valuable building blocks to shape the life you truly want, each session covers a specific discipline of empowerment, aimed at all that matters to your heart in your work and personal life. As with all my workbook programmes you can work at your own pace and in your perfect environment.

What are my credentials?

I have now been coaching since 2004, I trained with The Coaching Academy, I also trained with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandhler as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. I qualified with Academy of High Achievers in DiSC Profiling as-well as Sundoor as Instructor of Instructors for Leadership & Empowerment Trainers and Firewalking Instructors. I am now living my life purpose helping people just like you find yours and unapologetically live it.