My Seminars

Incredible Mindset for Amazing Success

Some participating clients include

Highly suitable for a corporate environment, my Focus and Belief event involves:

  • creating an incredible mindset
  • becoming clear about your desired outcomes
  • encouraging you to push yourself beyond your best

When you focus and believe you become powerful. By the end of the session, many attendees will be able to break arrows and steel reinforcement bars with their throat!

This can be a whole day, half day or one hour motivational event.

Enhance your Net Worth through Networking

Some participating clients include:

Providing a fresh approach to successful and fruitful networking this workshop is for all those new to networking or looking to refresh and refocus their efforts.

  • Encouraging participants to learn more about networking
  • where to network
  • how to spark up a conversation
  • how to prepare
  • build confidence
  • create an elevator pitch and undertake follow-up

Kick Stress to the Curb

Some participating clients include:

Designed for businesses to:

  • eradicate stress in the workplace
  • drastically cutting staff sickness days
  • increase productivity
  • enhance profit

This workshop can be tailored as a one hour ‘taster’, half or full day course.

Firewalking For Business

Some participants include:

“Life Changing”, “Life Enhancing” and “Transformational”.

Whether you are part of a corporate team, a business owner or someone wanting to build confidence in your personal life, you will have “indestructible” self-belief when you complete this workshop. Throughout the process, your mind is aligned for success and when you apply the principles learnt throughout the coaching to your everyday life, you cannot help but succeed!