Enhancing your Net Worth through Networking

Networking, done well, is a powerful tool in trust building and should form an important element of your marketing strategy

This seminar is for individuals, teams and groups who are new to business networking or need to refresh and refocus their efforts.

Within my seminar we explore some do’s and don’ts and how to create lasting and fruitful relationships beginning with how to approach the formal networking events be they breakfasts, lunches or drinks.  Picking the events which suit your style and your best time of day, not forgetting the event where your client audience hangs out and consistency of attendance.

When we have finished you will have your networking strategy ready to go with plenty of confidence to match your informative elevator pitch and armed with bags of tips and tools for highly successful and enjoyable networking.

Our seminar will cover:

  • What is networking?
  • Which networks will suite you best?
  • Your preparation
  • Surviving ‘the room’
  • Who to talk to
  • Your elevator pitch
  • 2 golden questions
  • Moving on and round the room
  • Leaving
  • Following up


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