Kick Stress to the Curb

Two-thirds of us find our nine-to-five jobs the biggest cause of stress. Stress caused by work is the second-biggest occupational health problem in the UK.*

Together we can combat this epidemic of work related stress by understanding the trigger points and working to resolve the issues.

All my seminars are highly interaction to ensure that attendees get to experience the content rather than just listen to it, ensuring a longer lasting effect. This seminar is first step of understanding where your stress levels are and some great ways to release it, brining you and those around you great benefits.

*Two-thirds of us find our nine-to-five jobs the biggest cause of stress.

During this highly interactive seminar we will cover:

  • Let’s understand what stress is!
  • How does it manifest itself in your life?
  • What is causing you stress right now in your life?
  • What are the consequences of this stress / behaviour?
  • Stress reduction exercises
  • Intentions and attitudes
  • What action can you take?


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