Steve Philip

“Everyone who has dreams and aspirations should do at least once!”

“Last Sunday evening I parted company with more than 20 motivated and inspired men and women, who 4 hours earlier had arrived at the Monk Bar Hotel in York, full of life’s burdens and within a few short hours left with more self-belief and confidence than they could ever have imagined possible. I was lucky enough to be one of a group of crazy people who were inspired, captivated and motivated by my good friend and inspirational coach Lisa Clifford, as she started by taking us on a journey of self-discovery, that included setting a powerful and clear vision for our future and then challenging our limiting beliefs that have held us back in life so far. During the next 3 hours we broke steel tipped arrows with our bare throats and walked bare-foot on red hot coals, actions that a few hours earlier most of us would never have considered possible. As we all shared our experience at the end of the day, it was clear that in many cases this had been a life changing experience, I know it certainly had a huge impact on myself. We also experienced the most incredible level of solidarity and team support I have ever witnessed from a group of 22 complete strangers. To sum it up in one closing sentence this is an event that everyone who has dreams and aspirations should do at least once!”

Steve Philip
Fed fm

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