The High Performance Leadership Programme

This is for you if you are experiencing any of the following:-

  • Have a new Leadership Team
  • Have gone through change
  • Looking to grow the business dynamically
  • The team is working in silos
  • There is conflict within the team
  • Leaders who are new to Leadership
  • Leaders need support and confidence
  • Under performance
  • Slow or diminished business growth
  • High turnover of employees
  • Recruitment challenges

What the programme offers:

This Programme directly works with the needs of the Business, Vision and Culture. This programme brings your Leaders strengths to the surface. Giving your business leaders the tools they need to understand their desired leadership style, creating clear specific goals and outcomes, equipping them with coaching and facilitation techniques to lead and develop their owns teams as well as work cohesively as a team. Ultimately resulting in a High Performance Leadership Team.

  • The minds programming
  • Coaching sessions to develop and grow each Leaders style and progress to their goals and those of their teams 
  • Develop a high functioning cohesive Leadership Team
  • Create an effective style to motivate, inspire, develop and stretch their own teams performance
  • Clear vision and purpose for both the Business, The Leadership and themselves
  • A full understanding of their Behaviour profile style and those of their fellow leadership team.
  • Insights into how to work effectively as a Leadership Team.
  • Development sessions of the mindset and how all outcomes are a result of their thoughts.
  • Coaching sessions on an individual basis
  • Group Training Sessions
  • High Performance mindset training
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