* The Power of Your Mind Masterclass

The Power of Your Mind Masterclass

What the programme offers:

This course helps people understand how their own mind works and we go “under the bonnet” enabling your team to have the awareness and then make the adjustments so they can be in “high performance resourceful thinking” a mindset that strengthens people into being skilful and healthy with their attitude, relationships and future. This course is a basic equipping course to strengthen your mind so it supports growth.

You will leave with:

  • The value of stretched goals and at least 1 exciting “home grown” stretched goal.
  • Your dominant beliefs and how they impact your relationships, growth, ambitions, where they work for you and where they are getting your way.
  • Your personal perspective and how it shapes your relationships, your reactions, your belief, your attitude and impact on others and projects.
  • How your mind will create information that doesn’t exist in order to make sense of situations – the dangers & impact of this and how to avoid doing it.
  • Clarity of how to get clear on your vision and outcomes.
  • Being solution focused 
  • The Power of inner and outer language and this impacts:- your relationships with yourself and others, how it effects your level and quality of contribution as-well as your degree of motivation.
  • Develop a plan of key commitments of what support you being in a “resourceful mindset” for your goals.



  • Purposeful behaviour
  • Team connection/collaboration
  • Commitment & Confidence
  • Drive & Determination
  • Self worth
  • Ambition
  • Focused contribution
  • Belief
  • Self Worth