Coaching & Training Programmes for accelerated dynamic results

Are you:

  • In a tough trading period or about to hit one?
  • Restructuring the Business?
  • Created a new team?
  • Budgeted for an ambitious renegotiation period?
  • About to launch a new product or launch into a new market place?
  • Future proofing the business?
  • Has your team worked flat out and need a reboost?

Then look no further, I have proven over the last 15 years that strengthening teams to be at their most powerful, mentally and emotionally equated to dynamic courageous action achieving truly breathtaking results for their businesses.

You and your team will benefit from powerful lasting mindset shifts, enhanced confidence, self motivation, courage, fearlessness, focus, self belief, accountability including alleviated stress. You will all achieve a much more focused and fulfilling journey in growing RESULTS and ultimately PROFIT.

Have look around the site, there’s lots of free resources to support your growth, quick tips, tips films, interviews, blogs, ebook and a free starter kit too, so when the time’s right for you, . I’ll be here.

Ask about the “Be Unstoppable” Training

David Collyer – Marketing & Digital Director at Nuffield Health. Remains one the most valuable pieces of high performance training I’ve done! I still have the metal rod I bent to remind me what I learnt and the confidence I built. Plus its holding up me shed!

Discover more Inspiring Mindset Tips

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Interviews with Business Leaders

A hub where you can be inspired by industry professionals. I ask the questions I think you will value. I not only get to know some of their “success models’ of thinking,  I am also fascinated in what drives each of them.

Upcoming events hosted by Lisa Clifford

Super Boost You Evening with a Magical Firewalk

 10th June 2019 | 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Middlethorpe Hall Hotel & Spa, YORK

A evening to align your mind with your heart, overcome fear and eliminate limiting beliefs and align yourself with in a centred powerful way with what really matters to you. Finishing the evening off with a magical firewalk.

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