Coaching & Training Programmes for accelerated dynamic results


You are probably here because you’re looking for ideas and solutions to improve either yours or your teams growth and therefore results.

We all know that Sports Teams, Athletes, The Military and Top Business Leaders all invest in having “control of their mind” so they can achieve great successes.

In today’s world, skill and ability alone are no longer enough to sustain or grow results. It is proven that Attitude, behaviour, belief and courage are vital for “skill and ability” to be performed at their optimum.

I would love to support you and your team with enjoying lasting mindset shifts, enhancing CONFIDENCE, SELF MOTIVATION including managing and ALLEVIATING STRESS. So you can all confidently experience a much more focused and fulfilling journey in growing RESULTS and ultimately PROFIT.

Or perhaps you’re ready for personal coaching to master your own mind and belief of “what is possible” for your life and are now ready to take the next courageous steps forward.

Have look around the site, there’s lots of free resources to support your growth, blogs, quick tips, films and an ebook, so when the time’s right for you, I’ll be here. 


Upcoming events hosted by Lisa Clifford

The Mindset Breakthrough Event

Sat 4th May, 2019 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Mercure Hotel – YORK, YO30 1XW

Learn how to take control of your mindset, so your mind is aligned with what you want. How to handle and overcome stress, build self confidence and self belief. In short feel like you are in the driving seat of your mind and life, feeling empowered and limitless.

Super Boost You Evening

Thu 4th April, 2019 | 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Middlethorpe Hall Hotel & Spa, Bishopthorpe Road, YORK YO23 2GB

A evening to align your mind with your heart, overcome fear and eliminate limiting beliefs and align yourself with in a centred powerful way with what really matters to you. Finishing the evening off with a magical firewalk.

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