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Coaching & Training Programmes for accelerated dynamic business & team results

Are you:

  • In a tough trading period or about to hit one?
  • Restructuring the Business?
  • Creating a new team?
  • Budgeting for an ambitious renegotiation period?
  • Launching a new product or launching into a new market place?
  • Future proofing the business?
  • Rewarding your team for working flat out and they need a reboost?

Then look no further, I have proven over the last 15 years that strengthening teams to be at their most powerful, mentally and emotionally equated to dynamic courageous action achieving truly breathtaking results for their businesses.

You and your team will benefit from powerful lasting mindset shifts, enhanced confidence, self motivation, courage, fearlessness, focus, self belief, accountability including alleviated stress. You will all achieve a much more focused and fulfilling journey in growing RESULTS and ultimately PROFIT.

Have a look around the site, there’s lots of free resources to support your growth, quick tips, tips films, interviews and  ebook too, so when the time’s right for you, I’ll be here.

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Quick judgements

Ask about the “Be Unstoppable” training.

Peter Craddock, Head of Establishment, Regulatory, St Jame’s Place Wealth Management. In my near 33 years in professional life, I have never experienced such a powerful and focussed goal setting event as that I experienced this last week. The whole event was a spellbinding combination of goal setting, an honest revelation of limiting beliefs, and powerful techniques in how to overcome our fears and those things which hold us back.

Beverley Peace, HR & Compliance Director HB Group.  Coaching with Lisa has been a privilege and a powerful experience for me.  From day one Lisa ensured my focus was about identifying my purpose, strengths, blockers and understanding the impact of my behaviours.  Lisa’s coaching has enabled me to demonstrate confident leadership and constructively challenge to deliver the best outcomes for the business.

This years International Women’s Day (2020) hosted by Lisa Clifford

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