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I work human to human, CEOs, leaders, teams, athletes and private clients.

You have arrived in the best place if you are ready to unlock your true potential and achieve those currently out of reach results.

I’m sure you know that working harder and for longer hours has a limit? Is it time for you to harness the psychological secrets that will enhance your successes easier, faster and even enjoy the process too?

Since 2004 I have been transforming and empowering CEOs, leaders, teams, athletes and private clients with my expertise as a Global Empowerment Master Trainer & Consultant. I’ve helped them create their own Success Psychology that has enabled them to achieve great successes in business and pleasure.

The P.O.W.E.R programme is available through group training and individual consultancy sessions, everything is tailored to the outcomes you want. You’ll experience incredible results that you can duplicate over and over again enjoyably.

Enjoy the site and when you’re ready let’s talk.


Speaking at the AFPP 2022 Conference

...the gain is over 7 figures and the ROI on the training is one of the highest ROI’s we’ve delivered against an expense.

David Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer for Intercontinental Hotel Group

… about the Training

Michelle Mook, Managing Director of Pro-Development

Beverley Peace, Compliance Director of HB Projects

Kirsty Chaplin, Founder & MD of Flourish Accounting

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In my career no trainer has come close to being as life changing as Lisa.

Sarah Hind Key Account Manager, Travelodge Hotels

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