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Messages from some of my clients
I have worked with a wide range of businesses over the years and below are some of the lovely things they had to say.

David Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer at glh Hotels

“I’ve worked with many organisations and individuals over the years to support sales team growth but Lisa has consistently achieved great results when she’s been called upon. Highly motivating, results orientated, engaging and a bit edgy, gaining huge respect from every participant. When it’s all about mindset and radical performance change, Lisa is one of the best.”

Dawn Stott, Chief Executive. The Association for Perioperative Practice

“Having met and read one of Lisa’s articles we invited her to be our Mystery Speaker at our annual congress.  Welcoming 300 plus delegates over 3 days at Harrogate International Conference Centre, it’s our big showcase and we needed something very special.  Tailoring her talk for our ‘Speaking Up and Speaking Out’ theme Lisa treated some 180 delegates to her inspiring self belief and motivational session. Emotional, emotive and completely spell binding, Lisa’s natural ability to engage a large audience note free was fantastic.  We’ve received great delegate feedback and our training team was very impressed.  An exciting speaker for any big event, we’re very happy to recommend her.”

Sarah Byrne, Managing Director at Mosaic Events

“Mosaic events have worked with Lisa on many occasions in the past 10 years. This has included speaking at our client events. Lisa is engaging, inspiring and an all round professional, she spoke at our CIPD West Yorkshire Conference, feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive leaving everyone enthused to tackle the most difficult challenges they faced within their workplace.

Lisa has also worked with us as a team helping us identify our core values, this has really made a difference to the way we operate day to day and allowed us to identify what is important to us and our clients ensuring we get the very best for every event delivered. Lisa is also an expert in working with sales teams to develop confidence enabling them to achieve targets. I cannot recommend her highly enough to make a difference to your business.”

Commanding Officer, 21 Engineer Regiment

“…You are true example of what can be achieved by someone with the belief, focus and energy that you encouraged in us…”

Nikki Watters, Director of Human Resources at Interchange & Consort Hotels

In 2013 we appointed two new directors to the Senior Management Team of our strategic business unit, Beacon Purchasing, one an external hire and another promoted internally.  This occurred at a key time for the business – when we were rebranding and re-launching core services to customers across the UK.  All of our SMT were experienced professionals, however, they were effectively a new team.  We engaged Lisa to work with the SMT to assist them in quickly forming a focussed and effective working team, as well as helping them to improve some established working practices.  Lisa undertook one-to-one coaching and group facilitation.  A key learning, which members of the Beacon SMT have taken and rolled out to their other work relationships, is how to develop a stronger sense of accountability resulting in confidence within themselves and others that agreed activities are delivered.  Lisa’s coaching helped to establish a much stronger results focussed team, who delivered against some very challenging targets within a competitive market.  Feedback from every director in the team has been positive (in fact it was suggested that we should keep her forever!).  Lisa is without doubt commercially focussed and incisive, she gets to the heart of the matter which helped team members make clear commercial decisions.  This is coupled with her calm and engaging style which results in her being included as a key part of the team she works with.  We will definitely work with Lisa in other areas of our business as we have seen that her coaching and guidance continues to reap rewards long after the engagement has ended.

Gail Cole, Head of HR at Puma

“In a few steps from our seat; a journey from fear & disbelief in our abilities to empowerment and positivity.”

Caroline Medcalf, Events Director at NYS Corporate

“Lisa’s extraordinary ability to create motivation and purpose within a group is, quite literally, life changing.”

Deirdre Bounds, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

“I would recommend her unreservedly. Lisa is a cracking storyteller, an experienced leader and a compassionate role model. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop – and overcame my worst fear of being out of control when I snapped the arrow on my neck (deliberately). I would recommend her unreservedly.”

Verity Hudson, Account Director at Approach PR

“Lisa has injected an incredible energy into the business through brainstorming workshops and individual coaching sessions. The team is more focused than ever and is truly motivated to reach goals we have agreed between us and absolutely believe in.”

Catherine Lee, Managing Director at Kaleidoscope Services

“When I arrived I was fearful of what the future had in store for me… When I left I was fearless and felt that nothing could stop me.”

June Nelsey, Hotel Director at Best Western Monkbar Hotel

“Lisa is an inspiration! She took my sceptical management team and within hours had injected them with her own enthusiasm so they were absolutely brimming with confidence both in themselves and in the team. She makes such a big difference to team motivation and is now the permanent fixture in my annual training plan”

Guy Smith, Castrol Mazda Driver at Dyson Racing

“I’m calmer, more in control and can access optimum performance when I need it” also “Incredibly warm, Lisa inspires trust, is a great listener and continues to have a very positive impact on my career.”

Deborah Bolton, General Manager at Pork Farms Riverside

Your energy and attitude is very infectious and I hope you can work with us again in the future.”

Lisa Payne, Owner at Agenda Events Management

“Lisa is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field of expertise but provides it with great fun and a wonderful sense of humour! I would recommend Lisa for any team building event again and again and would love to work with her in the future.”

Claire Morley-Jones, Managing Director at HR180

“Lisa is a truly inspiring, high energy, positive person who I love working with. I have been honoured to work with her over the last 9 years in a variety of situations and experiences, from participating in her Fire Walks, bending rebars and receiving the benefit of her wisdom. You always walk away from a session with Lisa feeling as though firstly, you are flying and secondly, that you have the tools to deal with what life throws at you.”

Christine Heslop, Head of Marketing, Newcastle Building Society

“I was fortunate to be involved in the 21 day empowerment programme with Lisa. It was a fantastic experience and has helped me to propel my thoughts and dreams into positive action. I would definitely recommend the programme and Lisa to everyone, no matter where you are in your journey.”

Jeff Morris, Partner Financial Services at Odgers Berndtson

Lisa has great energy and a real ability to engage and enthuse people. She’s also very insightful and her sessions are always thought provoking. As for the firewalk? Well I’d heard about it and always thought I’d quite like to do that, but…..doesn’t it hurt?! Will I bottle it? Needless to say I did it and it was a great experience. It really brought alive the concept of feel the fear and do it anyway in very real way. Go on have a go, you won’t regret it!

Peter Craddock ACII, CDir, FLoD, Head of Establishment at St James Place Wealth Management

“In my near 33 years in professional life, I have never experienced such a powerful and focussed goal setting event as that I experienced this last week. I think the fact that the evening culminated in me, along with 25 others, walking across a fire bed that had been cultivated through the evening did help to focus the mind. However, the whole event was a spellbinding combination of goal setting, an honest revelation of limiting beliefs, and powerful techniques in how to overcome our fears and those things which hold us back (involving amongst other things the breaking of arrows and the bending of bars normally used in the construction of buildings!) Through all this, Lisa guided us effortlessly but powerfully through the whole process, giving each of us total support and attention throughout. I’ve also not known over 5 hours of time fly by so quickly, but where everyone held their focus and belief in the process so strongly. I came away in total belief in the goal I have set for myself and in my ability to deliver it. Lisa has created a magic formula in the creation of this most unique firewalk, but it’s much more than that. A must attend event for anyone truly interested in setting and achieving a major life goal.”

Deborah Bolton, Divisional Managing Director Riverside Bakery and Dorset Foods

“Yesterday…firewalking…delivered so far beyond expectation – and the expectation was high!!!”………After using Lisa and her team for the afternoon session of my Leadership Conference I was inundated with thank you texts and great comments about it being the best activity they had ever done. The team found it challenging, exciting and it appears to have opened up a lot of new thinking. Lisa’s energy and attitude is very infectious and I will use Lisa to work with us again in the future. I am overwhelmed by the changes in the key players at work and although we always knew we could do anything we set our mind to, this year will be a stunner! I know it will help the team deliver beyond our goals next year and also for many of them personally too.”

Matthew Priest, Pro-active Senior Accountant at Forrester Boyd

“Lisa was purely the number one inspirational speaker I have heard. Her story of her expedition to Mount Everest base camp, and lets not forget island peak had me gripped throughout. Well done to Lisa on her adventure, I would have no hesitation in recommending her, and a massive thumbs up from me.”

Lisa Payne, Owner at Agenda Event Management Ltd

“Lisa Clifford worked with me on providing a team building event for one of my top clients. From beginning to end Lisa was organised and easy to work with. Her knowledge in the firewallking techniques and how she worked with the group over an afternoon were amazing. Right from the start Lisa made all the delegates very relaxed and as the session progressed she has a way of changing the mood in the room forming a positive and motivational atmosphere where everyone pulled together and supported each other. Lisa is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field of expertise but provides it with great fun and a wonderful sense of humour! I would recommend Lisa for any team building event again and again and would love to work with her in the future.”

Jacky Fitt FRSA, Co Director at The Big Ideas Collective

“Not just inspirational but instrumental in changing lives for the better; Lisa is a breed apart: intelligent, expert and great fun. Setting goals and achieving them is part of her amazing story and she’s made it her business to help others do the same – everyone should have a ‘Lisa‘!”

Janice Hall, Senior Operations Manager and Consultant at COPC

“Lisa’s Firewalking event is one of the most amazing events I have ever attended. Everyone should do it ! Through the power of focus and belief, Lisa takes you on a journey of personal discovery. Helping you to shatter the myths that hold you back and opening you up to see what you are truly capable of doing. Lisa has a wonderful way of turning each of us into a super-hero. Helping us to understand how much potential we have and taking the fear out of realising everything we want in life. She really can make dreams come true !”

Nick Simpson, MD at Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd and Synergy Commercial Finance Ltd

“Lisa delivered a fantastic motivational afternoon long session to 30+ people at our annual sales conference earlier this week. It was inspirational stuff and the feedback I am getting from the team is terrific.”

Nigel Sikora, Area Business Manager at Flexiform

“I have to say I had a great experience at Lisa’s fire walking event. Initially I had the usual concerns of being able to actually firewalk, but Lisa soon had me snapping arrows and bending metal rods in my throat to get warmed up! When it came to the firewalk, Lisa’s methods had obviously worked, I ended up walking across the coals 5 or 6 times. I would highly recommend the experience.”

Andrew Fox, Owner at TravelFox

“I had the amazing experience of Fire walking with Lisa Clifford last year, I never thought I would do something like this, in fact Lisa had tried to persuade me many times, however she is nothing but persistent and I eventually agreed. From the first session Lisa inspires confidence that you will A. do it & B. achieve your personal goals. You work with a small group of likeminded individuals, all nervous! but by the time it comes to the firewalk everyone is very supportive and once you have actually done it… then your confidence soars for what she later has in store…..At the end of the day the feeling of achievement and positivity you accomplish is second to none, I will be very grateful to Lisa for making me do it! If you are thinking of hiring Lisa to run this event for your company or organisation, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so; it will help individuals and team building efforts like no other activity. Give her a call NOW!”

Wendy Smith, Recruitment Consultant at Age UK Training Bradford

Lisa Clifford is an amazing person who really can show you that anything is possible its all down to how you choose to think. I attended a days workshop in York whereby my mindset was turned on its head. I came away with a new found belief not just in myself but that anything is possible. I would highly recommend Lisa workshops to anyone who loves a challenge or would more importantly want to acquire the focus and determination to achieve any goal in their life. This is definitely the first step towards transformation change.”

Kevin Ireson, Managing Director at Touchstone Sales Academy

Lisa is an inspiration to any person looking for self development. Last year I attended one of Lisa’s fire walking events and it was truly a motivational event that I wont forget. Thank you Lisa for the inspiration you give.”

John Hotowka, Keynote Motivational Speaker

“I attended one of Lisa’s firewalks and was very impressed with the way she conducted the whole event from beginning to end. The most impressive part was the way she brought the whole group together making it a fun and yet moving joint experience where everyone supported everyone else. She framed the event so each person was empowered to achieved their goals. I myself was experiencing a mental block at the time and the firewalk helped me overcome it. She cares about the people she works with to help them achieve the results they want.”

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