Lisa Clifford Firewalking Instructor


Hello lovely, nice to meet you.

I’m Lisa and I believe it’s no coincidence that you’ve found my website!


I work with Sales Directors and their teams,

teaching them the tools they need to unleash their incredible human potential and be even more successful.

Speaker Profile

“As an empowerment trainer, speaker and broadcaster, Lisa is recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts throughout the hotel and tourism industry.”

Lisa has enabled sales directors and their teams to break through their self limiting beliefs to create extraordinary results.

Through fire walking (considered the most powerful training on the planet) Lisa has experienced and witnessed dramatic breakthroughs in participants, leading to extraordinary personal and business results.

Lisa is often called upon to comment on the hospitality and tourism industry on TV, radio and in the media.

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What I know to be true

Sales teams are unknowingly under equipped to perform at their full potential, costing companies thousands and possibly even millions in lost revenue. At best they are equipped with skills and ability but for many sales people there is a thin veil of manufactured confidence masking a thick layer of self doubt.

I know this is true as I spent 16 years within sales teams and leading sales teams that operate through an undercover of fear; fear of not negotiating the best rates, fear of being pushy and fear of stepping outside their comfort zone and losing business for the company.

On this website you will find just a tiny portion of tools and tips that will help you and your team excel. If you would like to chat and find out more about my P.O.W.E.R for Success Workshops then please do contact me direct on 07795 634 671

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Mission statement

I have made it my mission over the past 15 years to train and specialise in what true empowerment really is and how to unlock that within individuals. I now work with sales teams specialising in aligning each person with their self belief so that their own inner game no longer holds them back but powers them forward.

I have enabled teams to deliver a return on investment of 10 – 1 within 24 hours. Over the course of 3 months this has been proven to be the highest ROI of any other training.

It is now my mission to help businesses increase sales and performance through limitless self belief. I am committed to those front line sale teams feeling truly confident for when they’re in front of every client …. negotiating with courage and no longer feeling that their client holds all the power.

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