* About Lisa Clifford

Motivational speaker, trainer & coach

I can honestly say I have created a business doing what I love, and it delivers a huge sense of personal fulfilment when I see teams I have worked with go on to create incredible growth and unprecedented results.

Internationally certified Firewalk and Empowerment Master Trainer, Global Speaker & Coach.

What am I all about?

I love empowering people to step into their true and magnificent potential where they can live their life with the most happiness and heartfelt joy. Irrespective whether this is their business or personal life. Living free of restrictions or limitations and open to anything.

What led me here?

In 2004, I started to question the direction and my dissatisfaction with my life.  I was in a good and highly paid Sales Leadership job, responsible for £40m with a successful team but then a question I saw in a book stopped me in my tracks:  “what would you do, if your knew you couldn’t fail?” I had an epiphany and immediately began considering a bigger and more fulfilled life… and that’s where my journey into personal development began, I left that highly paid job and the next month I began with my coach training, then hypnosis, Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Weekend, followed by NLP with Paul McKenna & Richard Bandler. Then, in 2008 my curiosity into human potential and the rapidity of personal growth witnessed in firewalking, brought me to begin my training. On the surface, I was #winningatlife, learning tools and techniques to use on other people and enjoying the process myself.

However, the dissatisfaction and occasional but regular bumps in the road started to emerge as unfinished and buried self-doubt and personal self-loathing, from a destructive, dysfunctional and grief-filled family history.  I had been hiding it, whilst living as the outwardly confident and happy person I appeared to be.  I was putting on a relentless & tiresome show, to continue to fight my way into success in a way that no-one could doubt me. I became suddenly mindful that I was full of self loathing, doubt and sabotage. I was hiding damaging patterns of behaviour stemming from an unhealed childhood of immense pain, abandonment, rejection, emotional and sometimes physical abuse. The Firewalk Training blew my mind and heart wide open and the much needed and deserved healing, began.

From THIS point forward, my courses and training took on a direction, feeling, style and intensity of authenticity that touched the lives of those who trained with me in ways that I could never have imagined.  This mindfulness that I had emerged from, changed my own life and impacted every course and training I delivered. The cathartic change that occurred within me that helped me to emerge from my pain and allowed me to become who I have become is the constant reminder that people can overcome great hardships.

My belief is that it was always my purpose to empower people and my own unique journey was the catalyst which invited me to the fire, for which I am so grateful to my childhood.

I am honoured to have coached and led empowerment events for; some of the largest hotel chains in the world; solicitors; accountants; banks: construction companies and The UK Ministry Of Defence. Companies like: Best Western, The Police, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Siemens, BBC and ITV.  For the MOD, I ran a leadership programme including a firewalk for over 100 Army officers in conjunction with the UK’s prestigious Sandhurst Army Officer Training Academy.  All of these officers had just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. I believe it’s my purpose and mission to release people from their limitations, so they can stand in their power and dare to believe in living their big and beautiful life.

Personal matters of the heart are that I love, love, love dogs, mountain walking and the fire.

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