Immersive Empowerment Event of Speakers, Powerful Activities & a Celebratory Finale Firewalk

5th March 2023 2pm to 8pm

Hazlewood Castle York/Leeds


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Coming out of the Covid Lockdowns may have left you feeling like your inner flame has been dampened, feeling like your world and comfort zone has shrunk, like you’ve lost your mojo, life is harder and yet you have to simply get on with it.

Are you ready for a boost of empowerment, motivation, inspiration and confidence? You will leave feeling Unstoppable and back in Your Power.

The full programme is on this page, so please have a look around and meet your International Team.

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You will learn

♦ Increasing Your Self Worth

Lose your inhibitions and limiting beliefs which will help believe you deserve more.

♦ Transformation

Build confidence, self belief  and live a more fulfilling life.

♦ Enhancing Your Mindset

Breakthrough the obstacles which are standing in the way of achieving your hopes and dreams.

♦ Stepping into Your Power

Take the opportunity life offers you and become all you were meant to be.

♦ Self Empowerment

Build the inner courage to dare to dream.and believe anything is possible for you.

♦ Igniting Your Inner Fire

Enjoy who you are and stand in your light.

The best thing I've ever done! SERIOUSLY, I highly recommend it. Catherine Flynn-Cartwright
Hello Lovely, I'm Lisa and I'm your Host.
My purpose is to ignite your inner fire with self belief, hope, passion and purpose, to be magnificantly courageous and live your happy fulfilling life. So please join me and my incredible international team from Spain, Scotland, Wales, Lancashire & Yorkshire on the 5th, to step up and be unstoppable! x

The team are from

Lisa’s extraordinary ability to create motivation and purpose within a group is, quite literally, life changing. Caroline Medcalf, Events Director at NYS Corporate

We really hope you’ll join us for this powerful empowerment event, where you will be inspired, moved, intrigued, supported and ultimately ready for anything. We know International Women’s Day is Wednesday the 8th but we thought the Sunday would help you find it easier to attend.


Expect real relatable women speaking openly and honestly … no rags to riches stories, just honest real talk. There is no doubt our lives have been changed and we would love to support your growth, your breakthroughs, your alignment and your inspiration.


You can participate in as much or as little as feels good for you. Our team are experts and always work from the heart. You are in great hands and your safety is always our priority. The evening concludes with a heart centred joyful firewalk … you can support or join in … you’re so welcome whatever you choose.


Let’s ignite our inner fires and make our lives even more amazing!

With 20 years in the hotel industry I've been in front of many trainers and none have have come close to being as life changing as you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We all now get to benefit from having you change our world. Sarah Hind Key Account Manager Travelodge Hotels

Your Empowerment Programme includes:

Heart centred

♦ Award Winning Speakers

♦ Guest Panelists

♦ Expert Empowerment Instructors

♦ Empowerment Exercises

♦ Delicious light buffet

♦ A fabulous Celebratory Firewalk

& of course …

♦ Empowerment, Transformation and being supported by like minded people.

Times: 2pm – 8pm



Award winning Hazlewood Castle Hotel & Spa, Paradise Lane, Hazlewood, Near Leeds & York, Yorkshire, LS24 9NJ

Your Empowerment Team from

Spain, Scotland, Wales, Lancashire & Yorkshire

Lisa’s Firewalking event is one of the most amazing events I have ever attended. Everyone should do it ! Janice Hall


Your Speakers

Lisa Clifford – The Power of Belief

Lisa has a total life passion for Your Incredible Human Potential and has created a life that allows her to commit to her purpose fully. She whole heartedly believes “Belief” is EVERYTHING and she not only talks, teaches it but demonstrates how this can truly shape your whole life which simply defies logic.  Her warmth, wisdom and ability to create incredible transformation wouldn’t have been possible had she not had her own traumas to heal. 

All of Lisa’s speaking engagements & trainings are experiential because then you can be your own source of inspiration forever. For this reason she took a group to Everest Base Camp in 2022 and is taking another one to Kilimanjaro in 2023. She is so passionate about about causing real change she is delivering her next Empowerment & Firewalking Instructor Training Course in May 2023 in Scotland.

Lisa delivers empowerment and transformational training. She is a Certified Master Fire-walking & Empowerment Trainer, Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Behaviour Profiler, High Performance Coach and Speaker. Lisa has appeared on ITV, Leeds TV, BBC Radio, she has also been in Mail on Sunday & Cosmopolitan…

Lisa shares what “Ignite Your Inner Fire” means to her?

Rachel Peru – Body Confidence

Rachel is a Silver haired curve model, body confidence activist, influencer, and host of the Out of the Bubble podcast.

Rachel has fully embraced her curves and her naturally grey hair. In fact, she has become famous for her silver locks and is flying the flag for misunderstood and misrepresented women everywhere. 

She is passionate about showing other women, particularly those in midlife, that they are not invisible. 

After starting a new career in modelling aged 46, Rachel now champions women in midlife and inspires others to step out of their comfort zone to become more confident through sharing other women’s stories on her fortnightly Out of the Bubble podcast.

Rachel will be sharing some of her top tips on finding body confidence no matter what age you are, it’s never too late!

Meet Rachel

Lis Cashin – Self Worth

Lis runs transformational programmes for women whose light has been dimmed from years of being told they are not enough, so that they can feel a sense of joy and belonging and claim their place in the world.

She is also an award-winning author, a TEDx and award-winning speaker, and her personal story has been featured in the national press and radio, in a BBC Ideas short film and she was on Steph’s Packed Lunch sharing her story around self-forgiveness in the summer of 22.

Lis will be sharing

If you feel like you’ve had enough of not feeling enough, you know you are playing small, are a people pleaser or put other peoples’ needs before your own, then my talk entitled ‘You matter too!’ is for you.

In this talk, I’m going to share with you some of the key things I have learned that have helped both me, and the many women I work with, to transform shame and suffering into loving ourselves, and experiencing freedom and joy.

Meet Lis

The Everest Base Camp Adventurers

Theresa Brindley

April Marsden

Rachel Flerin

Angie Bosley

The Panel talk about fears, vulnerability & rejection

Kate Bagnall

Kate is a business owner, Wife and a Mother to two girls and two dogs.Having run her own successful recruitment business for over 14 years, Kate now helps other recruitment business owners scale their businesses. She also runs a female networking community, ‘Synergy Alliance’, where like minded women can support and inspire one another, whilst growing professionally and personally. Having lived for many years thinking success was something you did by, ‘going it alone and not needing any help’. Kate feels passionately about the results that can be achieved, when we’re vulnerable, work collaboratively and most of all listen to you intuition, rather than what we think we ‘should’ do.

Kate Hutchinson

Kate is award winning experienced leader and event management specialist focused on growing, shaping, enhancing, commercialising and delivering some of the biggest and best events in the UK. Lives in a beautiful cottage in the Howardian Hills with her partner Seb and sausage dog Otto. She is a passionate and ambitious … loves personal growth and has a high fascination in exploring just was is possible … Kate will share her knock backs, fears & learnings.

Nicola Green

Nicola is an intuitive guide and medium. She helps those who are just awakening to the divine self and are confused lost but are in need of direction and deep reassurance.  Nicola’s clients are from all over the world such as Italy, America and the UK. She lives in West Yorkshire with her two children and her cute pooch.  People are drawn to her open heart and warm nature. Nicola will share her personal experience of becoming a medium and how it is seen by others and how she has had to rise above the stigma attached to such a position.

An interview with Annie Stirk

After a long career in television and pr and marketing, I thought retirement would be time to take things a little easier. But everything changed when my son Ed and daughter Sarah brought me a photo shoot for my birthday….                                  ….. and then what happened?

Your International Empowerment Team

Fiona Morgan

Hello, I’m Fiona and I will be tending your fire for the most incredible healing and transformational firewalk at the event and have been working with the sacred fire since 2006.

I trained with the same firewalking school as Lisa and we have been walking the firewalk together ever since.

As advanced firewalk instructors and master you are guaranteed to be in the best hands for your firewalking experience, a wealth of wisdom has been handed to us from Peggy Dylan and our approach to firewalking is deeply profound and unique. The fire is sacred. 

Helen Skinner

Hi, I’m Helen and I am looking forward to supporting you with experiences that will help shift your energy and supercharge any aspect of your life you choose.

I have been firewalking for around 20 years and I still recall how that first event changed my perspective about what was possible for me. I believe that  everyone can create transformation in their lives and my passion lies in  encouraging individuals to see their incredible potential and taking steps towards fulfilling it. 

At the most crucial moments in my life I have been supported by incredibly inspiring and encouraging individuals and I firmly believe that the power of unconditional support and community makes all the difference. I look forward to being part of this team of women who are there to inspire, challenge, encourage and support you to shine as brightly as you dare!

Ainhoa de Paz

My name is Ainhoa de Paz. I’m the founder of the Open Mind Project Abilities School and I’m fully dedicated to personal development as a way of life. I’m a Firewalking Master. I’m also the president of “Mujeres de Fuego” (Women of Fire)  association in Spain, which supports women instructors in events by organising women circles, charity events always working fire from a different perspective.

All this work and experience do not come out of the blue. I am so happy to support your breakthroughs on this day.

Marta Rodriguez

Hola! I’m Marta and I feel honoured to be part of this team of amazing women. I am passionate about the inner power and the talent that we all have within us. One of my main life purposes is to contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of people. I am specially committed to those who want to break their barriers and release their full potential to live the life they really want and deserve!

I promote the motto of “Mujeres para mujeres” – “Women for women” because when we support and enhance each other with love and sorority, our female power becomes unstoppable.
Lisa's event was beautiful. Her warmth and compassion shined through. The speakers were fantastic and expressed themselves so honestly. I left with a sense of deeper connection to myself.......Thank you Lisa from my heart, I am so pleased that we met. Marie Dove

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Our Empowerment Instructors will coach you to:

♦Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs with The Arrow Breaking

♦ Quieten the mind & align your focus with The Meditative Glass walk

♦ Ignite your hopes & dreams on The Magical Firewalk

Past events

Fabulous event with amazing speakers, interesting topics, and shared love, joy, inspiration, empowerment and energy transferred in both directions. Lisa, thank you for organizing this event. Miriam Filipova

What people say during

What’s the impact?

This was such an inspiring day, I wasn't sure what to expect, however the quality of the speakers and the production on the day was wonderful. I am writing this a week later and can still feel the positivity & wonder of the day, which is propelling me forwards to a new future. Linda

Tickets available here

Lisa has featured in …

Lisa is highly motivating, engaging and a bit edgy, gaining huge respect from every participant. When it's all about mindset & radial performance change, Lisa is one of the best.

David Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer for IHG hotels

Lisa Clifford

Lisa’s delivers empowerment and transformational training. She is a Certified Master Fire-walking & Empowerment Trainer, Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Behaviour Profiler, High Performance Coach and Speaker. Lisa has appeared on ITV, Leeds TV, BBC Radio, she has also been in Mail on Sunday & Cosmopolitan…

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