Leadership Wild Vision Setting Programme

“Let’s create a year to excite”

What the programme offers:

  • Leadership skills session
  • Planning & preparing the “Offsite/outside” expedition with your key Leadership Team
  • Fully aligned thinking & engaged discussion
  • A clear vision with very specific outcomes that challenge and excite the whole business
  • Full in-house presentation of the vision brought to life in an inspiring style
  • Map of growth plans
  • Outline of structured way to succeed at the newly designed & created vision

What the programme offers:

This Programme is designed to unlock dynamic thinking in the most powerful way.. aligning your mind in an environment that captures your motivated thinking. THE GREAT OUTDOORS will to support an attitude and appetite to set a company vision for the year ahead (2,3,4 or 5) that stimulates excitement, ambition and motivation for everyone in the Business. A vision beyond the spread sheet that challenges the market, your industry sector and you. The offsite/outside approach to setting your next years dynamic outcomes helps your Leadership teams’ mind expand and think in way that evokes drive, challenges the norm – bringing to life a highly exciting & challenging memorable years worth of performance and deliverables set to excite everyone in the business to be participating and contributing to something that will make them proud.

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This programme is a for you if:-

  • You know there is an even more amazing year inside your business but how do you unlock people belief and therefor heightened goals and ambitions.
  • Your team feel flat
  • Your growth is small incrementally year on year
  • You are frustrated when your competitors are out performing you in wither financial results, awards, press coverage and innovation.
  • You know there is more you could do but can’t seem to unlock the clarity from your mind.