* High Performance Coaching

Coaching for business leaders

Even the most gifted leaders can benefit from High Performance coaching. Done on a one to one level, in the coaching session their true limitless thinking of what is possible will be brought to the surface for dynamic personal and professional growth. It holds a mirror up to the individual so that they can see their brilliance, so it can be repeated consciously and how they may also be unknowingly getting in their own way.

They will get clear on their vision, set goals, outcomes and desired results about not only their leadership style but also their performance, both of which must be tangible and specific. They will have ownership over their “self agreed” actions, which they will need to deliver on in the ongoing sessions.

Coaching in this way is the key to a fulfilling career that is results focused and delivers a high performance culture throughout your business.

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Lisa was highly professional, dedicated and her infectious enthusiasm won over in the most sceptical of participants. All who took part, owners included, found her work invaluable, interesting, effective and always entertaining ! I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to any company looking to develop or transform their company into a well-functioning, harmonious team.
Malcolm Lindop Director & Co-Founder New Concept Travel

What it’s like working with me

All sessions are 100% confidential and trust is critical for their growth. People find their sessions revealing, fascinating, intriguing, illuminating and powerful. We work together on a journey of discovery and growth.

The truth is we do not learn from listening alone. We achieve the most when someone else believes in us and helps to unlocks our potential. This is the secret to the heightened success.


  • High performance mind set
  • Accountability
  • Tangible goals and outcomes
  • Future actions
  • Understanding of their leadership profile
  • Results aligned with business vision
  • Self responsibility & ownership
  • Motivation & Drive
  • Growth culture

I’m ready to be POWERED for success!