* Firewalking for Business

Re-ignite your teams to be unstoppable!

Considered to be the most powerful training on the planet today

Are you ready to align your team with your culture and vision. They’ve been effected by lock down and you need them to be driven and focused with their self belief tank full. When your team apply the tools and techniques required for walking over hot coals …. when that model is embedded in the mind and applied to work … they are unstoppable, on fire and fuelled with belief in the company and themselves. BUT it’s not all about walking on fire, the programme which leads to the firewalk is actually where the magic happens, the fire focuses the mind for application of a model of thinking and believing that will beat off your competition. The walking on fire is always entirely optional and no one is ever persuaded.

What the programme offers:

This session is all about internal alignment with an external activity. Connecting a purpose to the outcome will then make anything possible without it a form of injury can occur… (ie, missed deadline, profit loss, poor customer experience). Participants learn that they can achieve anything with the right mind alignment. purpose, drive, motivation and commitment alongside attitude creates a formula for success …. being able to duplicate the model for walking on fire creates a very powerful and empowered individual for any work situation, challenge or goal. People will never forget the fire-walk and the model for success.

Your team will learn:

  • Holding space
  • Quietening the monkey mind
  • Being focused and in the now
  • Being purpose
  • Confidence
  • Self belief
  • Vision setting model
  • Stepping up with commitment
  • Active, focused attention
  • Inner Strength
  • Control over their fears



  • Purposeful behaviour
  • Team connection/collaboration
  • Commitment & Confidence
  • Drive & Determination
  • Self worth
  • Ambition
  • Focused contribution
  • Belief
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Enhanced Mental Wellbeing