4 GOLDEN PILLARS to achieve your goals

Pillars of success

4 GOLDEN PILLARS to achieve your goals

The 4 GOLDEN PILLARS to achieve your goals, business or personal.

In achieving any goal these 4 Golden Pillars are a must, you can add, but you CANNOT remove any of these 4 or the success of your goal is compromised.

  1. Be CLEAR of your OUTCOME
  2. Align your BELIEF
  4. Take ACTION with certainty


Know what you want – THINK BIG! …..regardless of other peoples ideas, the economic climate and even your past performances. Imagine you were suddenly immobile, unable to move. I know this sounds depressing  and a slightly odd perspective, but we all too often take for granted our mobility and coupled with thinking we’ve got forever to achieve…….. So I would like you, just for a moment to close your eyes, imagine you can no longer move…..what do you wish you had achieved in your life?


List these things (without interruption or editing). Pick one for this process.


The dictionary says – “The result”

So, I would now like you to imagine that you have just achieved your goal and you are looking back……What were you doing? What were your actions? Where were you? What could you hear? What were people saying to you? What could you smell? What did you feel and how do you feel now? Write all of these down every single detail. Think about your perfect outcome.


The dictionary says – “principle or idea considered to be true”

Great self believers have the striking ability to push aside any obstacles to their goals, obstacles which most people would have given up with. Your belief is what can make or break you stepping into your goal. Bring into conscious awareness your limiting beliefs, “I am not clever enough”, “I do not have enough…..”, “I am not as good as others”. These have an uncanny knack of showing up the very second you are about to take a really brave step forward and these limiting beliefs appear like a brick wall in front of you – more often than not – almost physically forcing you back into your comfort zone of familiarity. When they show up in the future, you will be ready to push past them.

What belief do you need to have that is vital to you achieving your goal? “I never give up”, “ I have the determination to succeed”, “I am willing to learn”, “I am powerful beyond my knowledge”.

Find compelling evidence to support your belief – look into your past for times when you have overcome challenges – think of things you are proud you’ve achieved, the big things and the little things.  Allow these beliefs to be the voice of reason in your mind – anytime you feel yourself hesitating (finding excuses) use your belief as a mantra “I am powerful beyond my knowledge, I am powerful beyond my knowledge, I am powerful beyond my knowledge” Then notice how you feel when you think the more powerful strengthening thoughts rather than the doubts and fears.


The dictionary says – “an engagement that restricts freedom”

My interpretation of this is to agree something, with either you or another and the freedom to do anything other is now no longer a consideration. WOW! Imagine the mindset that supports you when you commit. Imagine how powerful your belief and actions become………

This means no plan B! I always say if you have a plan B then you might as-well go straight to it. Often people decide they’re going to commit when it feels right, which means that we are searching for a familiar feeling, but this cannot be in our awareness if our action is a “first” …….. Be aware that if your goal is something new to you that you are probably going to be outside your comfort for most of the time until you complete your goal. Thus expanding your comport zone!

So, now I would like you to commit to yourself the following for your goal:-

  1. The date of completion
  2. The date of your first action
  3. Then dates of all your mile stones and landmarks for your goals journey.


The dictionary says – “The process of doing something”

Plan your route of key actions with timelines……and make your first action, a very simple one.  I one hundred percent believe action with intention creates incredible results. What do I mean by “intention”? The dictionary says “determination to act in a specified way” also “purposely”.  Holding purpose (goal) in your mind at the same time you execute your action will achieve even enhanced results towards your goal.  When I walk over the red hot coals with purpose and intention holding my goals outcome in mind, my feet don’t feel anything, then when I drop my “intention” and walk over, just as an “action” this results in me feeling the heat of fire. You see the same one physical action, one with intention and one without and 2 different outcomes.
List your actions and be clear on what the success of those actions look like. Add your commitment dates to them and leverage support to achieve them.

I hope I have given you a flavour of how these essential Golden Pillars create an indestructible structure for you to achieve your dreams and goals.

“It’s not what you do, it’s the intention with which you do it with, that delivers magical success”.