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Do you ever get the feeling that someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and say
“Game’s up buddy, we’re onto you”?
Find out why it’s normal and what you can do about it.

You’ve done the groundwork but have you focused
your mindset? You MUST read this before
you pitch to a panel!

How to dramatically exceed your target

Follow these dynamic & brave
steps to help you exceed your
sales targets.
Think like an athlete!

If you manage a sales team it’s crucial you identify self doubt as it’s rare they will admit it themselves. Use this free download as your go-to reference guide that will enable you to fully understand your team.

Could you be leaking your POWER
without knowing or realising it?
Here’s how to spot it & change it!

Cold Calling Tips - Lisa CLifford

3 easy actions you can
take TODAY to remove the FEAR
and make POWERFUL calls

The truth is all salespeople are pushing through some form of doubt.
What can they do about it, and how can you help them?
This workbook gives you tips & strategies to support your team.

3 reasons why your customers have no objections

Is it a good thing that you receive no
objections from your customers on
your sales conversations?
In a word, NO!

How to achieve inner greatness Lisa Clifford

How To Achieve Your Inner Greatness 

I have written this book as guide to help you grow into the high performer you know you are meant to be. Whether that’s in your business, your career, with family or friends. The exercises within embodies the P.OW.E.R Philosophy, taking you on a journey to raise your own goal in alignment with what and who you truly want to be, without false limitations.

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