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Hi, I’m Lisa Clifford – Empowerment Trainer, Speaker and Broadcaster.

I work with businesses and individuals to empower them into believing in their incredible human potential. We are all capable of living the life we dreamed of but often there a blocks in our unconscious thoughts that hold us back.

For Individuals

For my work with individuals I created The Ultimate Empowerment Programme. There are 3 packages available, and they have been designed to help you stop playing small in life, stop limiting beliefs and stop making excuses! Instead you will start stepping up, dreaming big and being daring and courageous!

The Powerful & Effective Guide for Unleashing Incredible Potential!

Do you want to empower yourself and your team to be working at the very best of your combined abilities?

Increase market share, experience accelerated growth and more importantly increased profits for your business?

This is a proven success formula that has been developed by me, and time and again I have seen people’s beliefs and perspectives change so profoundly that they are desperate to see and experience what else is possible. This is the workbook that will get you and your team into the right psychological mind-set that addresses the most common pain points of sales people, and gives you the tools and techniques to overcome them.

Based on my 16 years in leading sales teams and working with some of the top blue-chip companies, combined with extensive empowerment training, this empowering programme, along with the free workbook will take you and your team to the next level by unlocking their incredible potential.

Full of useful exercises that can be done alone or as a team, we work through what P.O.W.E.R stands for and how you and your team can become the sales team you know they are capable of becoming.

Workshops & Keynote Speaker

I work with businesses and enable them to move from being stagnant to unstoppable. By working with the team, I uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding them back which results in a team that are empowered, excited and who feel that they have the ability to do ANYTHING! As a Keynote Speaker I have worked with some of the UK’s biggest companies, and witnessed powerful transformations time again.

It’s Powerful and Effective!

Download your free copy of P.O.W.E.R & unleash your incredible human potential today!

Featured in the following media

I frequently appear as a guest, providing inspirational commentary and advice in local and national media

Clients who have chosen to work with Lisa include;
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I'm-Powered for Success. One day course for dramatic self empowerment. Ideal for if you lead a sales team, or are a sales director who wants to ensure your team is operating at it's best.


Following on from the P.O.W.E.R session, this 3 month programme is ideal for regional managers & team leaders.

The Ultimate Empowerment Programmes

Live your life with intention and purpose, experience true self empowerment & personalised coaching from the Awaken, Enlighten and Ignite packages.


Set your life on fire with this inspiring, empowering and life changing event! Bring your dreams to ‘lite’, or simply prove to yourself you can do anything when you put your mind to it.

Firewalking Instructor Training

One of the most powerful forms of training in the world, and I can now teach YOU how to do it in your own workshops.

Exclusive 1-2-1 Training

In this exclusive package I am your coach, partner & mentor who walks beside you on your journey. I will support you in getting crystal clear on your dreams, goals, desires, hopes and outcomes.


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