Everything you wanted to ask about High Performance Training & Coaching
  • Who is High Performance training and coaching for?
    High Performance training is suitable for leaders, sales teams and meeting and events team. Or you can include everyone and have whole team training.
  • What is High Performance training?
    It’s a one day interactive course, jammed packed with mastering & harnessing the mindset for dynamic results. It is participative and interactive, teaching you and your team about how the mind works, setting mindset templates for success, resulting in your team feeling motivated, empowered, excited and confident.
  •  How do I know if I need High Performance training?
    Let me ask you a few questions;
    Are you about to enter a client contract renegotiation period?
    Do you want to dramatically increase revenue year on year?
    Do you have new competition in the marketplace?
    Do you have a new service or product?
    Do you have a new team?
    Is your team are responsible for growing sales?
    Could your team be feeling a little stale?

If you answered YES to one of those questions then High Performance training is for you.


  • How will High Performance training help my team negotiate courageously?
    From learning the psychological mindset techniques taught in the training they will know exactly how to get clear on what they want from the appointment, why they want it, how to align their mind, their belief and therefore their dialogue/language. They will lead the meeting rather than the customer dictating the terms.
  • How will High Performance training motivate my team?
    They will learn more about themselves in the day then they could ever believe. They will understand what they want from their job, what their job proves to them about them, why their role is important to them, how to dare to dream big, they will physically break through limiting thoughts (that quite possibly became unnoticed white noise) and step into their incredible human potential in a way that will blow their mind. This day will be one they will never ever forget and will give them their biggest growth.
  • If it’s not teaching “selling” techniques then how will it grow my revenue?
    When your teams self belief, self trust, confidence and motivation are operating at each person’s level of “potential” then their ability and skill will be heightened. If your team have had the skills training with the self belief then you will get them at their best. With High Performance training you will unlock hidden performance heights.
  •  What sort of ROI has this course delivered?
    Over 100-1 return on investment for IHG within 3 months. Within 24 hours the fee was returned by one sales person using the high performing techniques in additional contract rate growth. Considered to be the training that delivered a spike in year on year growth – unprecedented rate growth. Highest ROI from any training in the company history.
  • How will my team feel as a result of High Performance Training ?
    They will feel incredible, motivated, like they can take on the world. Valued, loyal, UNSTOPPABLE! Words will not be able to describe how proud they feel about themselves.
  •  Who is the High Performance training NOT for?
    If you are looking at not developing your team.
    If you at not looking for dynamic growth.
    If you want to play safe.
  • Is it expensive?
    It’s an investment that will deliver a lifetime of results.