How to remove limiting beliefs

How to remove limiting beliefs

How to remove limiting beliefs

Now you know what’s holding you back, how do you remove limiting beliefs?

So far we’ve worked through What are Limiting Beliefs and Why Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back. In this post we look at how to remove them.

It’s all about retraining your thoughts and moving your mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘What if’.

Take a look at the list you wrote as a result of yesterday’s blog post – See Here if you missed it. Perhaps they looked something like this;

  • I won’t be successful because I don’t deserve it
  • I’ll never be rich because my parents weren’t
  • I can’t start a business now because the economy is bad
  • I’m not smart enough to be successful

If we were to take one of those beliefs and work through it, it might go something like this,

Limiting Belief: I won’t be successful because I don’t deserve it

Where did this belief come from? Was it said to you in childhood? Perhaps it was in a work environment? Really think hard about where this belief started. Once you find the root, you need to train your brain to think otherwise, and for this you need evidence.

Take some time to think an outcome or situation that left you feeling successful. It can be anything, however trivial – what you’re trying to do here is identify the feeling you had when you were successful regardless of how tiny it seemed at the time.

How did you feel? What did you think? What emotions did it provoke in you? Did you celebrate? Were you excited, happy, cheering? Capture those feelings and that memory and write it down.

For each of the limiting beliefs you discovered, repeat this exercise and delve deep. I’ve created a worksheet to help with this part. You can download it here >>> How to remove limiting beliefs

Once you have completed this, it’s now time for you to step forward and start mapping out your new life with nothing holding you back.

It’s time for you to become UNSTOPPABLE!

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