Look after yourself through exercise and healthy eating. Exercise in your lunch break to refresh yourself or set the intention of exercising within an hour of arriving home. Tackle the lure of alcohol, smoking or other drugs. Find a buddy who can support, socialise...

Did you set goals at the start of this year? Have you revisited them recently? How are you performing against your intentions? 

Here's my top tips to keep you motivated and focused on the year ahead.
  • Sounds nice to have but is it essential?
  • Is it about being all fluffy?
  • Does it really add core value to business success and profits?
  • Does it matter if you are or my team are motivated …?
  • We’re all working hard anyway?
  • Ok – why is motivation important?

WHEN changing jobs, it is usually because we want to get out of the one we’re in. Today, employers are keener than ever to recruit attitude over skill and desire candidates who are ambitious for their company.

It is easy to think in the climate we are in that we have to do something “different and complex” what if the something “different” is to simply do what you do brilliantly, consistently, 100% of the time.

Lead generation

(Cold calling – the very sound of it is enough to send chills down your spine and in-fact does, when you have many happy customers there’s no need to chase faceless companies……..why not simply contact “new friends”)